Just Do It!

Moses stood before a shrub that was consumed with fire yet it was not destroyed.  He had turned aside to see this amazing sight and now stood barefoot on holy ground.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was now speaking to him.  Moses had been raised a prince of Egypt.  He had once worshipped the gods of Egypt, marveled at their power, and feared them.  Yet here was a God he couldn’t see.  He only heard the voice that seemed to proceed from the midst of the burning bush and Moses felt the awesome power contained within it.  Power he had never experienced before.  God was telling him to do something he had never even dreamed of doing.  Go back to Egypt? Inconceivable! Go before Pharaoh? Impossible! He had been exiled for his alleged betrayal of Pharaoh.  God was now calling him to be an instrument for God’s glory and to be a witness for Him.  God was calling Moses to go back to the place he had been thrown out from to convince Pharaoh to throw the rest of his people out too!  God was promising to deliver the Israelites from their bondage and give them their own land to boot! Moses could hardly believe it.   Yet, he set out towards Egypt.

You see God had called Moses to do something about the injustice the Israelites were suffering under.  But couldn’t God do something about that Himself?  After all He’s Yahweh, He can do anything!  Although God wanted to reconcile with the Israelites, they couldn’t come to Him as they were.  They had essentially forgotten Him even as they waited for their promise of deliverance.  Some had even acclimated to their lifestyle and the pagan people around them.  The Lord needed some time to teach them how to worship Him and how to follow His laws.  God chose one man, Moses, to be His missionary to them.

Moses was an exile, in other words he was separated from the life he once knew.  He was set apart and then God chose him.  If Egypt is the world, then we as Christians are supposed to be the set apart, chosen ones of God called to fulfill His mission in the world.  God could’ve chosen anyone else.  Why Moses? After all, Moses had a speech impediment so bad that he needed his brother Aaron to speak for him.  He had lived in Egypt as a prince for most of his life and probably participated in all the pagan, sinful practices that engulfed that land.  He was a murderer, he had killed an Egyptian overseer.  He was an imperfect vessel called to do the perfect God’s will.  We’re imperfect, yet God has called us to do His will.  We owe it to God to do what He called us to do to the best of our abilities without worrying about how to do it.  What has God called you to do that you’re hesitant about?