Are you ready?

I am going to BELIZE on a missions scouting trip in TWO WEEKS! I have to pack…

What do I pack?

Where am I going to stay?

Who am I going to meet?

What’s the weather going to be like?

I can’t speak the language, how will I SURVIVE!!??

Where’s the bathroom???

I mean I’m not panicking, I’m just PANICKING!

Have you ever had a similar reaction/nervous breakdown like the one above before traveling on a missions trip? Have you had the same kind of reaction when you travel on vacation? Probably not. Perhaps it’s because when we go on vacation, we know we’re going to be staying in a nice, comfortable, maybe even luxurious place with our favorite foods and every amenity we could possibly imagine at our fingertips. A missions trip comes with a certain amount of uncertainty. We don’t always know what we’re going to encounter, what the conditions will be like, what we’ll be eating, and who we’re going to meet. In a scouting trip, like the one I’m going on, there is even more uncertainty. We won’t know what to expect until we get there. We’re basically going on a reconnaissance mission, like the spies in Canaan, except we’re not sneaking in. We’re going to prepare the way. We’re going to gather information to equip others who will go there after us. We are going because God ordained us to go. We are going because we are kingdom builders seeking to show God’s love in tangible ways. We are Hope Ambassadors and we are ready to GO!


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