Singled Out

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singled out

Ever felt singled out for being single? Singles get the short end of an already short stick in contemporary society. You’ll pay the most for health insurance, you’ll pay an arm and a leg in taxes, AND you’ve got to buy birthday presents for each one of your coupled up friends yet they give you ONE gift on your birthday…it sucks. Today I want to remind you of two very important people in history who were single and changed the world drastically. Let me introduce you to Jesus and Paul! The Scriptures make it very clear that both men never married. So why is there such a stigma against singles? Churches need to affirm singles and not make singles second-class members unless they want to make Jesus and Paul second-class members of Christian tradition. HopeNYC does this by providing Lift-Off!

Let’s talk about covenant relationships for a minute. Covenant…

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