I am NOT a Feminist

I am not a feminist. Ouch. That’s a radical statement in this day and age. I’m going to ruffle a lot of feathers. Women are expected to be all about empowerment. We’re expected to side with our sisters in the struggle against the man. The suffrage movement is still alive and well with women at every corner fighting for their rights. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful to the women who worked tirelessly to make the government give women the right to vote, the right to equal pay, and the right to just have their own identity. However, my rights as a woman came from my Father. He already made me to be equal to any man – the governments have just been recognizing what’s already there.

I am not a feminist in the sense that I do not want to have power over my man. I am more than happy to give my husband the reins. He is the spiritual head of my household and the head of me. You have to be a Bible-believing Christian to understand why I’m ok with that. That doesn’t mean he tells me what to do. It doesn’t mean I am a pushover or I have no voice in my own house. I’m not one of those women who fought to keep their maiden names after marriage just to keep their identity – I couldn’t wait to change mine! The Bible says clearly that a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife. Meaning he and I are one. My identity now includes him. We make decisions together, we respect each other’s choices, and we work to make each other happy.

My man is a better cook, a better house cleaner, and a better driver than me. He cooks, I wash the dishes. He drives me around wherever I need to go. He irons his own shirts, picks out his own clothes, and buys himself underwear and socks. He takes care of me and I take care of him. I daresay by not being a feminist, my marriage is a lot happier than most others out there.

Women like me are persecuted for not going along with feminist ideals. Other women try to make us feel bad because we’re not feminists. The feminist movement is all about empowerment and women doing what make them happy – my choices for my life with my husband make me happy and above all empower me to work for God’s kingdom. In the end, that’s all that matters.

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