At What Cost?

Sunday morning, Pastor Curt preached on “How Much?”  Based on 2 Samuel 24:21-25, he asked the question “What did it cost you to follow Jesus?”  In the Scripture, David is looking to buy some property to build an altar for the Lord, but the owner wants to give him the land for free since David is the king.  To which David replies that he will certainly pay for the land since he plans to use it for offering sacrifices to the Lord and he won’t give unto the Lord without it costing him something.  In this particular case he was talking about finances, but what about you?  What has it cost you to follow the Lord?  What price have you paid to give your life to Jesus?  What do you continue to give up in order to walk in His footsteps?  What cross have you carried?  Yes, Jesus said He would make your yoke easy and your burden light.  But in order for Him to do that – you need to be carrying something…hello!

Maybe it cost you a longtime friend who couldn’t understand why you turned into a “Jesus freak.”  Maybe it was a job that didn’t agree with your beliefs (any former bartenders out there?).  Maybe you lost your home because your family wouldn’t accept your new faith (I know a couple of young people like that!).  Maybe you lost all three of those things, but along the way you also lost depression, anger, and anxiety!  What if all it cost you was letting go of the things that held you down anyway?  We tend to focus on all the “good” things we lost, but perhaps we need to highlight what we let go of when we decided to follow Jesus.

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