Noah’s Ark – Part 8

8 – Speed isn’t always an advantage.  The snails were on board with the cheetahs.

Lately everything we do is done in a hurry.  We want our work to be finished quickly so we can move on to something more pleasurable.  We see gadgets on TV all the time promising to cut our cleaning/cooking/gardening time in half.  We’re speeding through life, yet we look back and wonder where did the time go! But remember, the Lord created the world and everything in it in six days.  He didn’t rush to finish everything in a day and spend the rest of his time lounging around.  Furthermore, he is continuing to work in our lives every day.  He takes the time to nurture us.  He is a master artist, a master potter, and the great creator.  Slow down and enjoy what God has made.  Take the time to appreciate your life and don’t forget to give God thanks for it!    Noah's ARK


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