My Friend Jesus

I woke up this morning with a rather morbid thought.  I was thinking about parents who give their lives for their children.  I don’t know what triggered it, I can’t remember if I had any particular dream relating to this.  It could be because I just got back from visiting my precious newborn niece Hailey (she is too sweet by the way!).  But I was thinking about how parents love their children so much that they would literally die for them.  I thought about parents in war zones, the ones who shield their children with their bodies.  I thought about parents of sick children who beg God to remove that disease from their child and give it to them instead.  I don’t know any parent who wouldn’t do everything they could to spare their kids from pain, anguish, and hurt.

It’s easy to think about a parent in that way.  But what about a friend?  How many friends have you had that pledged to be your BFFL (Best Friend For Life)?  How many people do you know have said they would be your “ride or die” friend?  How many of those same people are still your friend today?  I found my high school yearbook the other day and I read all the notes my friends had written for me.  One particular girl wrote me a full page letter; she’d known me since we were 11 so surely we would be best friends for the rest of our lives.  All I can say is if it hadn’t been for Facebook, I wouldn’t have known she’d had a second baby.  It’s natural, people grow up, they grow apart, and they go their separate ways.  There aren’t many people who will stick with you always.  There aren’t many who will go through a fire with you.  Oh they’ll come to a party at your house, but they won’t come to church with you.  As for me, I remembered what Jesus told his disciples in John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”  I remembered that Jesus is a friend who sticks closer to you than a brother.  I thought about how much he must love us that he would bear the shame and torture of the cross.  I thought about how he laid down his life, and took it back up again so that we could have salvation.  I thought about how God is not wishing that any should perish, but all should reach repentance.  Now that is a friend to have!

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