Noah’s Ark – Part 7

7 – For safety sake, travel in pairs.

Traditionally, Noah is supposed to have taken a pair of every animal with him on the ark. This was to ensure the survival and subsequent repopulation of each species.  Jesus sent out his disciples two by two (Mark 6:7).  He did this to fulfill that age old adage “strength in numbers.”  He sent his disciples out to bear witness to the good news. However, one person’s testimony would not have been sufficient. A disciple by himself would have just been shrugged off as another lunatic. But, with another person there testifying at the same time, it may have been a little easier for the disciples to share their message. In any case, it’s harder to ignore two disciples. In Jesus’ three year ministry, it was important that the word be shared and accepted by as many people as possible.  And the more people that accepted it, the greater the chance of survival and repopulation amongst the masses

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