Noah’s Ark – Part 5


5- Don’t listen to the critics; just get on with the job that needs to be done.

So here’s Noah building an enormous boat in the middle of the desert.  Let’s say it hasn’t rained in months.  Noah’s neighbors are beside themselves.  The gossip mill is heating up fast.  I mean, there’s obviously a crackpot, old fool in their midst. They’re probably hiding their wives and kids from the neighborhood lunatic.  They’re jeering at Noah, laughing even.  It’s easy to get caught up in the skepticism of others.  Personally, most days it just takes one person asking me “are you sure?” to throw me completely off track.  My paranoid voice kicks in — you know the one: “oh maybe I made a mistake” “I guess that wasn’t what happened” — and at the end of the inner monologue, all I’ve done is defeat myself.  It takes a strong will, not to mention tough skin, to not give in to criticism.  Poor Noah, you may say.  Poor Noah, those people were so mean to him.  Well Noah had the last laugh, didn’t he?  If Noah had cared just a LITTLE bit about what people were saying and thinking, I would not be sitting here writing this, wouldn’t I?  Sometimes the things God directs us to do doesn’t make sense.  It seems silly, or too small to make a difference, or too large to be accomplished.  Critics will come against us but what they don’t understand is that God rewards His faithful workers.  Don’t listen to anyone but God.

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