Noah’s Ark – Part 4

Noah's ARK

4- Stay fit. When you’re 600 years old, someone may ask you to do something really big.

I can’t say I love to exercise.  That would be lying!  I mean, I feel really good while I’m doing it.  I feel strong and accomplished.  The hard part is waking up at the crack of dawn, rolling out of bed and leaving the cozy, warm niche between my darling husband and dog just to get on a train to go to the gym.  But there are other ways to be fit as well!  Besides keeping your body fit (you’ll need all that sinewy muscle to haul all that wood around), you need to keep your MIND fit.  Noah was 600 years old and there is no indication that he suffered from any of the ailments that plague our senior community today.  Oh sure, all his neighbors thought he had lost his mind, but can you imagine what God’s command would have done to a feeble minded man.  If grown men in the prime of their lives have been known to quail before our Lord, how much so would a man in a delicate stage of life?  My pastor says the best way to keep your mind fit is to constantly learn and grow, and you do that by reading…a LOT.  I’ve had up to four books in my purse at a time.  I always have a Bible, at least one other spiritual growth book, and a for pleasure book.  It’s all about being prepared! 

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