Noah’s Ark-Part 1

Noah's ARK

A Facebook friend of mine posted this picture and it’s just one of those things that resonates with you. Talk about truths! So I wanted to devote the next couple of posts to elaborate a bit on each point.

1- Don’t miss the boat.
The Monday after the Super Bowl, a friend of mine at the office brought in homemade chocolate covered cheesecake pops. Having gorged myself on cheese fries (and a hamburger…and a hot wing…and M&M’s) the night before, I gracefully declined having one. Which means I took one look at them and ran in the other direction without so much as a “No, thank you.” But with like all temptations, this one kept haunting me. Every time I went into the kitchen to fill up my water bottle, there they were sitting in all their chocolaty goodness. I was staring at them, imagining the soft crack of the chocolate against my teeth followed by the creamy richness of cheesecake flooding my mouth. (drooling yet?) But I was strong willed, I wasn’t going to cave in! I sat at my desk that afternoon and couldn’t shake the image of them. So I reasoned with myself, if I allowed myself to eat one, I would do an extra 10 minutes on the elliptical at the gym the next morning. That seemed fair. I went into the kitchen to get a pop…only to see that they were all gone! Oh the tragedy!!! If I had just jumped on the opportunity to take one of those luscious little pops, I wouldn’t have missed my chance! Now my cake pop analogy is small tarts compared to the proposition the people in Noah’s neighborhood were offered: either get on the boat or drown. Learn to hear God’s commands for you so you don’t miss the boat and drown!

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