What gives you the right?

“What gives you the right to lead?” asked Pastor Sharo as we sat in Growth Groups Leadership training last night.

Answers ranged from having expertise in the subject you’re teaching to having the ability to influence your students. I didn’t offer an answer. Mostly because I really have to think about a question before I answer it…and it’s not easy to think and listen to everyone’s input at the same time. But really, what gives ME the right to lead anyone?

The only answer that kept popping into my head last night was “NOTHING.”

Nothing gives me the right. I don’t have an extraordinary talent for the subject of my class. I’m afraid to stand in front of a class that will most likely be full of students asking questions that I won’t have an answer to. I’m full of nerves and I try to compensate for that by being over prepared (and yes being over prepared is just as bad as being under prepared!). I’m inflexible. I don’t come across as friendly because I’m way too shy.

I was writing a lot of this in my personal journal this morning when my Spirit spoke these words to me “God is your leader and He chose YOU to lead.” So if my Father chose me for this, why am I worrying? It’s time I stopped thinking about my shortcomings and remember that He has already given me everything I need to do His work!

Isn’t that amazing?  God gives us everything we need before we even know we need it!  Of everything I’ve learned in the past months, that in itself always gets me.  The realization that He has already molded us for the purpose we were created for blows my mind.  Who would’ve thought?

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